USS Nimitz UFOs ‘could have been tracking whales’, military witness claims

A witness to the infamous USS Nimitz UFO believes the craft may have been tracking whales in the area.

Senior Chief Operations Specialist Kevin Day was manning the radar station aboard USS Princeton – part of the USS Nimitz carrier strike force on November 14, 2004.

He logged sightings of "multiple anomalous aerial vehicles" circling the flotilla of ships off San Diego in an incident that marked a turning point in the study of UFOs.

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Almost 20 years on from that shocking event, there’s still concern that the 40-foot-long “Tic Tac” objects could be secret weapons from some foreign power.

But Kevin, who was hounded out of the US Navy after going public about the UAP sighting, has a different theory.

“I didn’t [say] this at the time, because even now it sounds crazy as hell, but I just had this overwhelming feeling that these things were there for the whales,” he told Vinnie Adams of the Disclosure Team.

"It was November and being out in those waters a lot, I loved watching the whales.

“The grey whales would migrate from that same spot in Catalina and guess where they go… right off Guadalupe Island [near where the Nimitz UFO was sighted].”

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Kevin felt as if there was no threat from the mysterious objects. In fact, it was "quite the opposite".

“I never felt directly threatened in any way shape and form in fact I felt the benevolence I couldn't describe,” he added.

Ken said that number off people’s lives had been changed after witnessing these featureless white craft.

“Contact with this Tic Tac intelligence can affect people and for me I was profoundly affected by it,” he continued.

He was part of the decision-making process about whether to shoot the mystery craft down, explaining. “I was the guy that coordinated all the sources of information.

"My job in that position was to deliver it to the front table, so that people like the Captain and the Tactical Actions Officer can make decisions whether to kill things …or not or investigating further or not using aircraft, or just assign them as an unknown and leave them peacefully alone.”

In fact the decision on that day was to send a flight of FA/18 Hornet fighter-bombers to investigate – resulting in a series of gun-camera videos that are still the best, and most dramatic UFO evidence ever revealed.

Physicist Adam Frank has speculated that it was possible that the mysterious objects in the Nimitz videos are "drones deployed by rivals like Russia and China to examine our defences — luring our pilots into turning on their radar and other detectors, thus revealing our electronic intelligence capabilities".

Astronomer Thomas Bania agreed, suggesting the "UAPs" could be some form of electronic warfare fielded by China or Russia "trying to get intelligence of exactly what our weapons systems are capable of doing".

But until a "Tic-Tac" can be captured and analysed, the explanation for the bizarre sightings is anybody's guess.

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