All we know about the mystery man from 1899 on Netflix

1899: Trailer for period thriller series from Netflix

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The mystery-horror series is on Netflix now and it follows neurologist Maura Franklin (played by Emily Beecham) as she travels from the UK to New York. The ship’s crew discover an abandoned vessell and a mystery man appears to have moved between the two boats. Who is the mystery man from 1899?

Who is the mystery man from 1899?

The series opens with Maura Franklin looking for her brother who had been missing for months.

She believes he had been on board the Prometheus, a ship that had disappeared without a trace around the same time.

Wanting to find out where the passengers were on the eerie ship, Maura and captain Eyk Larsen (Andreas Pietschmann) went aboard.

The only person they found was a young boy who had been trapped in a cabinet and he refused to speak about what happened.

However, once they had all returned to their own ship, a mysterious figure emerged on board with them.

He was dripping wet, suggesting he had been hiding in the water the whole time.

The man went straight to the room next door to Maura’s and he was quick to make conversation with her.

As the mystery continued to unravel, the man seemed to know more than what he was letting on.

No one ever questioned who he was, but he appeared to have a connection with Maura.

In episode six, the man followed Maura and Eyk through the portal to where her father was hiding.

Whilst they were inside the mental health hospital, the man finally revealed his true identity.

He begged for Maura to remember who he was, claiming he was her husband, Daniel.

He told her they married 12 years ago and that he loved her, and she needed to trust him.

However, Maura locked him in a room as she was convinced he was lying.


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Towards the end of the series, Daniel managed to escape the mental health hospital and Maura went into his memory.

She found photos of herself with Daniel and the boy from the ship, and it was revealed he was their son, Elliot.

The final episode showed how Daniel and Maura had created a simulation which would become their new reality. 

As their son was dying, they created a new world in which he was safe and well. 

In the final episode, Daniel gave Maura the key to finally wake up from the simulation. 

When she woke up, Daniel told Maura she had been in the first simulation they had ever created and her wedding ring was the key to unlock the answers. 

Daniel revealed it was Maura’s brother Ciaran who had been controlling the simulation, not them. 

In the final moments of the series, it was revealed Maura and the other passengers had been on board a spaceship called the Prometheus and it was the year 2099. 

They had all been part of a project, which Ciaran was in charge of. 

1899 is on Netflix now 

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