Big Brother housemates ‘baffled’ by Hallie’s eviction and call out prejudice

In a surprising eviction from the Big Brother house, Hallie bid her farewell to the reality TV show last week. Despite her confident exit, her departure left her fellow housemates bewildered, as they speculated about the reasons behind her eviction, including concerns about prejudice from viewers.

18 year old Hallie had been nominated for eviction along with Trish and Dylan, and when it came down to the public vote, she was the one who had to leave the house.

While Hallie handled the situation with grace and strutted out of the house to a cheering crowd, her housemates were deeply affected by her eviction.

Housemates like Olivia and Kerry expressed their confusion and shock at why Hallie was chosen for eviction, fearing it might be due to prejudice from the audience.

Olivia, one of Hallie's closest friends in the house, suggested that it might be due to Hallie occasionally "kicking off," and she also mentioned the possibility of prejudice influencing the viewers' votes.

She added: “I just think it really puts it in perspective, like, how many people sat at home and opted to use their vote to get rid of someone.”

The Scottish dancer continued: “I’m just baffled, man. Out of the three people nominated, right? They don’t feel a specific way about two of them, but they really despise one of them.

“You don’t want to ever think that Hallie being a trans female… but there are horrible people out there.”

Olivia's comments sparked a discussion among the housemates, with some, like Jenkin and Chenelle, dismissing the idea that Hallie's trans identity had anything to do with the voting and considering it just a part of the game.

“I don’t understand how Hallie being trans has got anything to do with the voting,” complained Jenkin.

“Everyone is from a minority, do you know what I’m saying?”

Viewers at home were divided in their responses, with some supporting Olivia's point of view, emphasising the discrimination the trans community faces, while others believed it was just a game and didn't see a connection between Hallie's trans identity and her eviction.

One tweet read: “So disappointed in Jenkin & Chanelle. I think Olivia is just bringing up the very real & serious issue of the current state of the UK and the horror and hatred that the trans community go through! She IMO is completely right and is calling it out!”

Another fan commented: “Olivia raising a very valid point about the recent eviction and Jenkin dismissing it saying ‘we’re all from minority groups’ UM has he seen the UK media hate against trans people atm?!”

Regardless of the reasons for her eviction, Hallie expressed no regrets and embraced her moment of departure with confidence.

In her exit interview, she said: “I thought, ‘this is my moment. I’m going to take it and I’m going to milk it.’ I had my sunglasses on ready, looking like a diva, and I stepped out on that runway and strutted my stuff. I just let the world know that this is Hallie and I am that b***h!”

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