Love Island hit with 1,000 Ofcom complaints amid Scott ‘bullying’ claims

Love Island fans have accused a number of the islanders of 'bullying' footballer Scott van der Sluis – sending hundreds of complaints to Ofcom about the matter.

The dramatic Casa recoupling saw Catherine Agbaje return with bombshell Elom Ahlijah, leaving Scott single, just days after he had fallen out with Tyrique Hyde over claims he was faking his feelings for Catherine.

And on Movie Night, the islanders saw a clip of Scott during the Casa Amor week, joking that while he missed Catherine, the feeling would probably go away once the new girls arrived.

The clip resulted in an argument as Catherine quipped that Scott clearly wasn't as loyal as he'd claimed, while Leah Taylor added that he was only single at the recoupling because "no one wanted him."

Scott quickly hit back at Leah, leaving viewers in stitches as he said: "Why are you speaking now when you haven't spoken in here for four weeks" claiming that she'd suddenly become the villa's spokesperson.

And while Scott has managed to hold his own in these incidents, fans have still sent a huge number of complaints to Ofcom, the Mirror reports.

The outlet claims that Ofcom received 957 complaints in the aftermath of Movie Night.

Viewers have also taken to Twitter to complain about the villa's treatment of Scott, with one writing: "The treatment of scott is honestly disgusting he needs to win on his own #loveIsland."

"The treatment scott has been getting is honestly so heartbreaking wdym 'no girl wanted you' 2 girls literally did but he chose to stay loyal smh. and the way none of the guys were backing him up???? just heartbreaking #loveisland" added another.

And a third tweeted: "No cause I will send one long paragraph to ofcom bout Scott’s treatment deadass #loveIsland"

Scott's brother Jamie, has also taken to Twitter to defend him and express his frustration over how his brother has been treated.

He wrote: "It’s sh*t seeing your brother treated like that on TV! Seriously, who does Catherine think she is? Let it go mate, move on ASAP!"

And this isn't the only occasion on which Love Island has sparked complaints to Ofcom, with 2021's Movie Night challenge leading to Ofcom receiving 25,000 complaints from viewers.

Long-time viewers will remember how Faye Winter launched into an expletive-ridden tirade, in which she swore more than 75 times, towards Teddy Soares after being shown a clip of him flirting with bombshell Clarisse Juliettè

The scenes sparked a petition to have Faye removed from the villa, and one men’s domestic abuse charity spoke out against the star, branding her behaviour as "unacceptable."

And back in 2018, Ofcom received 2,644 complaints when Dani Dyer was left in floods of tears after being shown a misleading photo of her partner Jack Fincham appearing to kiss another girl.

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