Interior designer reveals the mistake that’s making your home look cheap – and you can fix it in seconds | The Sun

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the one massive mistake that's stopping your home from looking high-end.

You might think you need to spend a fortune to get a luxurious look, but according to Kiva Brent the answer is right under your feet.

The pro took to Instagram to explain why where you place a rug matters more than you might think.

A rug should take up a lot of floor space, meaning that it should be big enough for furniture to sit on top of it, not just around it.

So, if you've already got a big rug, the key is to anchor key items like your sofa and side tables on top of it.

Likewise, in the bedroom your rug should go all the way under the bed – not just the end.


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If your rug is on the smaller side, Kiva suggested using two of the same either side of your bed instead of one big one.

She said: "If you can't afford to get a bigger rug remember that you can always do two runner on either side, or an oblong rug like a cowhide."

Kiva captioned the clip: "If you want your bedroom to look high end, DON’T make this rug sizing mistake!"

Fellow interior design fans loved her advice, and agreed bigger rugs tend to look better and more expensive.

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One said: "Could not agree more. This is such a simple but impactful switch!"

"YES, YES annnnndddd YES!! So glad you addressed this common mistake," another wrote.

"Never thought of 2 runners!! Genius idea," a third raved.

And another said: "Two runners on either side makes so much sense! Brilliant."

"I’m currently shopping for a rug for my bedroom. Thank you for this," someone else commented.

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