You’re a true genius if you can spot all 16 houses in this tricky brainteaser

Brainteasers and other types of brain puzzles are a great way to stretch the mind and push one of the body’s most important muscles to its limits.

They can come in many different forms. They can be analytical, observational, or mathematical.

This brainteaser from West Wales Holiday Cottages is an example of an observational brainteaser.

In the image above you have several rows of houses, each relatively similar to the other.

Your task is to spot all 16 pink houses in under 15 seconds.

Did you spot all 16 houses in under 15 seconds? No worries if not, the answers are above.

While brainteasers may seem like lighthearted ways to kill time on a commute or in a waiting room, they could have long-term benefits.

Brainteasers act like exercise for the mind in the same way as cycling or running exercise the arms and the legs.

As a result, they help to keep the mind sharper for longer and the healthier the brain, the less likely it is to develop a degenerative disease like dementia or Parkinson’s disease.

This isn’t to say brainteasers can prevent someone from developing dementia, other factors can play a much bigger role, but they could provide necessary mental stimulation.

Dementia is one of the biggest health crises in the UK. According to one expert, one of the earliest signs of the condition could be spotted whilst cooking.

Speaking to the Express, Dr Adam Moreton said: “Certain types of dementia, such as those affecting the front part of the brain, can affect food preferences – for instance, developing a sweet tooth later in life.

“But this is not usually the first symptom of dementia. As dementia develops it can affect appetite, swallowing, or recollections of having recently eaten.”

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