Shocking moment child swipes phone from shop counter as woman ‘scams’ change out of till | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a child steals a phone from a shop counter while "mum" distracts and scams staff.

CCTV footage from Resta Coffee bar in Lewisham, showed the adult arguing with girls behind the counter over money.

Amid the confusion, the two employees focus on dealing with their increasingly demanding customer rather than the youngster.

Meanwhile, the child gets ready to swipe a phone off the counter.

The woman then moves closer to the girls behind the till blocking, the little one from view.

In seconds, the youngster reaches up and grabs the mobile before quickly walking away, conveniently hidden by the counter.

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The child stashes the stolen phone into their bag and the woman realises calmly leads them out of the store.

The owner of Resta Coffee told The Sun Online: "This happened just after 5pm yesterday, after we close, and the girls were closing the till, counting money and so on.

"It seems the family clearly planned this and executed it well, the mum was talking to the girls and you can clearly see her making a move inside the counter so the little one could take the phone. 

"The phone belonged to one of the staff members and they are very upset about it.

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"When I spoke to them even 30 minutes after the incident they were shocked and trying to figure out what happened to the phone.

"We lost £45 as well as the phone.

"We have heard of these incidents but it's the first time we had encountered this."

This comes as other shocking thefts are caught on camera.

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